You’ve seen Kerri Walsh-Jennings at the Olympics, mouth wide open, right arm at a precise “L” position, fingers rolled up into her palm performing one of the best fist pumps in all of sports.
And while she’s made it one of her signature looks, it’s hardly unique to her sport, for beach volleyball is one of the best games for fist pumping in all of sports. 
That’s what it’s one of Smashdown Sports’ top activities because beach volleyball embodies everything our lineup of apparel is all about, and that is to live by our mantra to ‘’put the smashdown” in sports.
When you see a beach volleyball player leaping high to the net and drilling a ball almost straight down into the sound with a loud POP sound coming off his or her hand, that person has really “put the smashdown” on the opponents. 
Walsh-Jennings is the most recognizable fist-pumper in beach volleyball because of her success and popularity in the Olympics but she’s just one of many players who use it as a burst of emotion in an emotional game. Because only two people comprise a team and prize money is not guaranteed, beach volleyball players peak on emotion and winning a big point, a game, a match and especially a tournament creates these Instagram-worthy moments. 
One of the best fist-pumpers in the game is Sean Rosenthal, a highly-charged player who has won the game’s golden event, the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, known by players as the “Wimbledon of Beach Volleyball.” Rosenthal is inspired by a group of local – and vocal – friends who call themselves Rosie’s Raiders and follow him around to the Southern California tournaments. 
“Rosie” as volleyball fans know him, almost gets an angry look on his face as he seems to growl while doing his fist-pumps. This sends Rosie’s Raiders into a frenzy and the entire crowd gets caught up in it. 
Beach volleyball is a lot like tennis in that there are games going on at courts all over the place in addition to the main stadium court. If you ever make it to a tournament, check out those outer courts and if you want a fun game to play, count the number of fist pumps you see in a day. And if you go back another day, count again and compare it to the previous day. 
It’s likely you’ll be counting into the hundreds because fist pumps are as big a part of the game as sideouts and smashes.
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