The fist-pumping fury of sports is not often reflected beyond the playing field.
This emotional explosion is a moment captured only briefly by fans, TV cameras and the lucky photographer who snaps a photo at just the precise time. But wait – now you can wear this emotion on your sleeve. Or, more accurately, on your chest with the lineup of sports apparel from SmashDown Sports.
With a winning lineup of shirts for men and women, as well as a hat, backpack, duffle bag and sports bottle, SmashDown Sports shows the emotions of the games we play with the mantra of “Put the Smashdown.” That is symbolized primarily through the fist pumps many athletes display after a big play or any highly-charged reaction to a key moment in a game.
“When the adrenaline is running high and it’s the 9th inning or 4th and goal, it’s time to ‘’Put the SmashDown’ ” is the company’s tagline. 
You’ve seen Tiger Woods and his patented fist pump after making a key putt in a major championship (something that may be happening again soon now that’s he’s returning to the top of the leaderboards), Rafael Nadal deliver it after winning another tennis championship and from Olympic athletes, in particular downhill skiers and snowboarders.
There are even fist-pumping songs: “We Will Rock You” from Queen, “TNT” from AC/DC and the most famous of them all because of its use in the movie Rocky, “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor.
Based in Pasadena, CA, Smashdown Sports seeks to capture the great emotions of professional or recreational activity, be in on the baseball diamond, the football field, the golf course, the beach volleyball court, the bicycle trail or anywhere you play and compete. 
The apparel quality is outstanding, as tough and durable as your ultimate smashdown fist pump.
Products can be purchased through the company’s website,