From the baseball diamonds to softball fields to tennis courts, the golf course and beach volleyball courts, summertime is the most fist-pumping season for sports.

That makes it perfect for wearing the apparel of Smashdown Sports, which has the mantra of “put the smash down,” meaning people bringing a fist-pumping mentality to the games.

Summer is the busiest time for recreational sports activity and that provides ample opportunities for people all over the USA to express their emotions in the most visual manner.

Did you hit the game-winning home run in your softball league? If you fist-pumped your way around the bases then you’re a Smashdown Sports kind of person.

Did you drive in the winning run for your baseball team? If you fist-pumped your way into the dugout then  then you’re a Smashdown Sports kind of person.

Did you beat your top rival on the tennis court or put the smash down on that always hard-to-beat opponent in a beach volleyball tournament? If you did and found yourself fist-pumping in jubilation, then you’re a Smashdown Sports kind of person.

As you play sports this summer, think about how your “smashdown” attitude helps affect your concentration and your play. Notice how having a razor-sharp mental focus enables you to zero in on those key moments and plays so that you are able to experience those “smashdown” moments.

And watch, too, the professionals “put the smash down” in baseball, the World Cup in Russia, the Wimbledon and the U.S. Open tennis tournament, the British Open in golf and in NASCAR and IndyCar races. Some of those athletes really know how to bring it.

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