The biggest, most fist-pumping, adrenaline-rushing sports event in the world is World Cup 2018 taking place June 14-July 15 in Russia.

Fans from all over the globe will be turning in to watch and root on their country and some will be dancing in the streets and having impromptu block parties as the World Cup heads into its dramatic final rounds.

The players will be proving plenty of smashdown moments as they fist pump their way through the tournament, making game-saving plays and scoring game-winning goooooals!

Smashdown Sports, an apparel lineup that features images of people “putting the smash down” in various sports, provides this rundown of the teams most likely to be living up to our motto, the most emotional, fun and energetic countries to watch during World Cup 2018.

1.) Brazil

The team that could win it all is built on great play and even greater emotions. The national sport of Brazil is soccer and the player as well as their fans hope to be fist-pumping their way to the championship. Brazil has won five World Cups, more than any other country.

2.) Spain

Spain is one of only eight countries ever to have won the FIFA World Cup, which it did in South Africa in 2010. The players are emotional, their fans are emotional and that makes for perfect fist-pumping possibilities.

3.) England

Okay, we all know how passionate (rowdy!?) English soccer fans can be, and when it’s World Cup time they are ready to “put the smash down” on other teams, their fans, even each other. After all, they haven’t won it all since 1966 and their next-best showing was fourth place in 1990. They just need to keep their fist pumps to themselves and not use them on other fans.

4.) Germany

The four-time World Cup champions know how to win and they know how to bring that smashdown style to the tournament.

5.) Russia

The host country's team will have fan support behind it providing a huge emotional charge for the players. They will, in turn, be eager to be providing plenty of “smashdown” moments.

6.) Mexico

The Mexican fans are so hungry World Cup success they might start celebrating in July and not finish until Cinco de Mayo. Just making the final rounds will be cause for a major smashdown celebration.

7.) Argentina

This country has been one of the most successful in World Cup history, having having won 2 World Cups (1978 and 1986) and being runners-up three times (1930, 1990 and 2014). And if they face and defeat Brazil this year, well, let’s just say they will be celebrating “bringing the smash down” on their South American neighbors.

8.) Belgium

Picture the Belgians doing fist-pumps while drinking that strong Belgian beer.

9.)  Australia

The Aussies are a fun-loving bunch but they can really “bring the smash down” to sports when they have to; to witness just watch one of their Australian Rules Football games. Their players and fans can fist-pump with the best of them.

10.) Switzerland

You might think of the Swiss as being stoic and unemotional, but watch that perception change if they get on a roll in the World Cup.

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